Dear friends,

Welcome to the March 2015 Issue of the AA Newsletter!

We are honoured to have again received words of wisdom from our Honorary Advisor Dr. Ng Ho Yee. In her article “What is Counselling?”, Dr. Ng presents interesting and inspiring arguments about whether counselling is a professional activity or a lifestyle, apart from the other familiar issue of whether counselling is a science or an art. With the unfailing support of our Honorary Advisors, Dr. Ng and Ms. Angela Wong, and the strong participation of our members, AA has over the past ten years reached new grounds in various aspects. Our Chairperson, Ms. Vava Kwok, has highlighted some of AA’s recent developments in her report. More details can be found under ‘Our Achievements’ and ‘Past Events and Activities’. And, don’t miss the news on upcoming events!

We are excited to have received updates from some of our members, with valuable sharing, reflections and self-disclosures, which may draw some echoes within ourselves. Please also share the joy of those members who have soared higher in their career path.
The publication of this Newsletter would not have been possible without the contributions from members, the advice from Dr. Ng and Angela, and the support from all of you. A big THANK-YOU to you, you and you!

Happy reading!

HKUAA Newsletter 2015

From the Editorial Board:
Christine Tang (2007, Editor-in-Chief),
Clara Chan (2006),
Peony Chiang (2006)