Dear Members,

We invite you to submit entries to a competition on the design of a slogan for the HKU Master of Social Sciences (Counselling) Alumni Association (to be referred to as AA).

AA is going to be 10 years old this year. To mark this special occasion, we are holding a competition on the design of a slogan for AA. The slogan will be used, as appropriate, in the promotion of AA activities or on products to be produced for AA’s usage in future.

Here are the details of the competition –

(1) Language: the slogan should be in both Chinese and English.

(2) Number of words: preferably no more than 10.

(3) How to submit: send it to AA’s email address

(4) Deadline: 10 March 2015 (Tuesday).

(5) Selection of winner: AA’s Executive Committee will vote on the entries; the one receiving most votes will be the winner.

(6) Award: the winner will receive an award to be presented by Dr Ng Ho-yee, AA’s Honorary Advisor, at AA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on 14 March 2015 (Saturday).

We wish to add that AA’s Executive Committee reserves the right to adopt or amend the winning slogan which will be submitted to AA’s AGM on 14 March for endorsement. The copyright of the winning slogan will belong to AA after endorsement at the AGM.

Please act now, and submit your entry before 10 March!


Chairperson 2014-15