The 2010 Inaugural Symposium on Counselling: “Counselling clients with complex needs” went very smoothly. It was attended by over 100 people. The Organising Committee is very thankful to all the speakers and the team of helpers including a number of research post-graduate research students from the Department. I am most excited to see the Alumni members, our own graduates who took up the challenge to present several papers in the meeting. Their papers were very well received. I have heard nothing but praises. I am most impressed by the sophistication and insight displayed in their presentations and the wealth of knowledge. The sense of hope and creativity the speakers shared in the meeting were most inspiring. Not only that, personally I enjoyed the atmosphere, the opportunity to meet like-minded people to share a few thoughts about how we can combine forces to advance the counselling profession in Hong Kong not for self-serving interest but for the benefit of the wider community. I am hopeful given we have already established a trusting relationship between the HKU programme and AA we will continue to work on many meaningful projects and meetings in the years to come.

As we are surrounded by natural disasters, earthquakes happening in Japan (11th March) and New Zealand (22nd February), let’s not only remember those who are suffering or recovering from the tragedy but also share our knowledge and skills generously to make a difference in our own way.

Best regards from Samson, Programme Director, MSSc Counselling

18th March 2011